A Friend’s Gift and the Gift of a Friend

A true friend that kept popping up in my life from time to time; at the most important of times especially in my darkest and worst time of my life, gave me this quote: “God doesn’t give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be”.

Thank you, Jan. You are truly a gem. My gratitude to you for our friendship. I consider myself blessed.

A conversation about prioritization of tasks

Zafri Zawawi There are like more than 20 over things in my ‘To Do List’ as of current… and I am having trouble to figure which one is ‘urgent’ and which one is ‘important’… panic mode ON..!
 Rosihan Juara Baharuddin important doesn’t necessarily be urgent for example the baby formula is finishing in two days time. however if you wait for two days before buying it, then when it is totally finish, buying the baby formula becomes urgent and importan
 Rosihan Juara Baharuddin as for not urgent and not important is the baby’s toys because he/she has plenty
 Rosihan Juara Baharuddin as for urgent not important is the call to the pediatrician to book the baby’s quarterly jabs. If you don’t call now to book it, the doctor’s slot might just be taken up. So it is urgent to call now to book however it is not important yet to do the jab now.
 Rosihan Juara Baharuddin urgent & important: do do, die die must do now if not u r a gonner. urgent but not important is something u need to do now but will only be important later. not urgent but important is something u need to pay attention to now but doesn’t have to do it now. while not urgent & not important is a nice to have and you can do it when you have the free time.

Zafri Zawawi Ahh, thanks coach, greatly appreciated… my mind is almost going bonkers at the moment… prioritise! prioritise!

Zafri Zawawi Truly they have… now before I go to bed, at least I have an idea where to slot in those 20 over things in my to do list… yang buat dia jadi banyak sebab previously I put them all in on same basket… ie: All Urgent…

 Rosihan Juara Baharuddin The 1st priority is to do the urgent and important. The 2nd priority is to do the urgent but not important because it requires you attention now. The 3rd priority is the one that is important but not urgent because it requires you attention but not now. Time is of the essence when prioritizing. The 4th priority is the not urgent and not important.

Human Superpowers

As moviegoers, many of us are fascinated by movies about superpowers; be it in the genre of cartoons, scifi, fantasy etc. Even as kids, we are conditioned as such. We sit up and listen intently to fables of human superpowers in the land of myth and legends. The world of mystic also holds the same fascination with many tales of charms that has the ability to make its wearer stronger, invincible and what not.

Maybe in this hurricane of stories we have forgotten to see and appreciate the innate human ‘superpowers’ that is totally assessable to us at every second if we choose to.

I am talking about the innate human ‘superpower’ of compassion, empathy, love, sincerity, contribution etc that grows and empowers humanity.

Maybe in our search and fascination for ‘external superpowers’ we have forgotten to utilize our own innate human powers which are super enough. Power within us that can create extraordinary results.

Many real life examples of this exist; be it small or huge. Yet the fact remains our innate human power is super enough.

Check out Narayanan Krishnan that makes it his life quest to feed and care for the old, poor and mentally destitute in Madhuri, India. Check him out on the internet and you will understand how innate human power is all the superpower a human being can ever need. It is within all of us. Tap it, choose it and start creating extraordinary results from it.

* Inspired after watching the TV Series Alpha

Love to keep or Love to utilize; One is of possession, one is of ownership.

For the longest time, I have loved and collected notebooks. This must have stem from the fact that my first career was publishing and the love of all things paper and bind is natural. Over time, I have in my collection many beautiful specimens.

Recently, as i have done from time to time, I spring cleaned my bookshelves. Something dawned on me while I was admiring and rearranging my notebook collection. This revelation came due to the fact that this spring cleaning came at the time of a new year when resolutions are naturally made and one of my new year resolution is to journal daily.

It dawned on me that what I was doing; collecting and keeping these notebooks, is actually a waste of time!

Yes. On one hand I have this beautiful collection but on the other hand, what is the use? How does this collection sitting in this room of mine enriches me; making me a better person?

I love them so much that I keep them, admire them and safeguard them but to what avail?

Shouldn’t something I love, nurture and nourish me such that I grow personally and become a better person?

I now believe that if I need to utilize what I love, allow it to nourish me, grow me. Be with it as often as I can and not just display it for my ego and self gratification.

The true sign of love is not of possession but of ownership; not of hoarding but of giving; not of reticence but of openness. Building defenses around the object of your love only stifles it. Allow it to breath and grow along with you.

Yes! From now on, my journals will see the light of day. Will be with me. I shall write in it, play with it, have fun with it and share a journey with it until it is all worn out; like I would one day, and retire it with all its richness and experience… a life worth living even for a journal!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

I came across the quotation this morning and I reposted it. Immediately, I had two people liking and commenting on it. Both agreed to it and thought it was brilliant. This surprises me for I think it is just another ‘normal’ quote.

As I look at it again, I then realized that “Yes. That is simple and true.”

Simple things are what makes the most impact because of the ‘A Ha’ factor being so strong. Something simple yet tasty or impactful amazes us all because deep down inside we might be kicking ourself saying “How come I didn’t think of that?”

With this train of thought, another quote comes to mind by Einstein ‘Make things as simple as possible not simpler”. This quote has many different interpretation. My personal interpretation is that when you make things simpler, you will compromise certain things while making it simple will require you to dig deep into your creativity.

With that, I am resolute to make my life simple.

New Year’s Day – A day to reflect & a day to plan

Hello 2013, bye 2012. Today and for quite sometime in a couple of weeks people will still be adjusting to these number; 2013. Cheques will be cancelled because the date on it is still be written 2012, our memo, the to do list dates etc will still be errors on them. All this is due to the fact that 2012 is a habit for us.

That is how easy it is to condition our mind. Keep doing something repeatedly and enough times, it will be a habit. As the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect, be careful of what you practice!’ If we practice effective things, we will be effective. The other way is also true.

In ushering the new year, what is our habit around this important moment? Do we just reflect on what has been or do we vision what can be?

I like to do both; one after the other. I first reflect so that I know what have happened and where I am and then plan what can be based on lessons that I have learnt. I then ask myself what I want and add that too to my plan.

In short, reflect, aware, learn, decide, plan.

Now that the plan has been laid out, I now need to add action and constant results check and intervention along the way.

I am so looking forward to achieving more in 2013!

Wrestling Match Between My Feminine vs Masculine Sides

Miss A: i know why your rship all drama oredi!!
Me: y?
Miss A: with all the drama you will be more of a man!! without drama you are tat mr nice guy
Me: lol!!
Miss A: so you attract all the dramatic women. hehehehehehehehe. with all the drama, it proves that you are man enuf to handle it.
Me: so u mean I am less of a man without the drama?
Miss A: ya.. u are mr nice guy.. wise, intelligent. hahaha
Me: hmmm sub-conciously that is a possibility
Miss A: tats what i came up with the sub-consious
Me: so with the dramas I get to flex my no so nice guy muscle; my masculine side
Miss : ah yes!!
Me: so I am compensating my feminine side that is dominant in my nerdiness

hmmm this is something to consider and ponder because I feel there is truth in it 🙂
Miss A: 🙂

The Worry Machine

If I were your mind, I would be worried about you. Now because you are reckless, but because the world is a dangerous place. It always has been.

If I were your mind, I would carry the experience of a thousand generations who have come and gone. They learned many hard lessons about survival. I would use that wisdom to push you toward safety, even though you might not understand my motives.

If I were your mind, I would be at your side every moment of your life, taking copious, indelible notes each time your body or soul was injured. I wouldn’t let you forget about those things.

If I were your mind, I would do everything in my power to protect you. I would insist that you heed my warnings.

But if I were you, I wouldn’t always listen to my mind.

– Part 1 Introduction, The User’s Guide to the Human Mind, Shawn T.Smith, PsyD –

Chatting with RYU; of context, content & intention

ME: there are many a times the cyber world tricks us in thinking that it is different than the physical world… This is true, however that is just content; contextually it transcend both world.

RYU: …. what i do in facebook represent me in real life?

ME: ur FB is part of your life. That is the breakdown many ppl fail to realise. Cyberspace is not al alternate universe; it is the same universe, another part of your universe. It is not a place to escape. There is no escaping life. How can we escape life when we are in it. This notion that we can escape life opens up a chicken exit to not be true to who we are.

RYU: i see , so fb could one of the reason where people start to evaluating me?
hehe , i always think that FB is one of ways to create value in relationship.

ME: True. It is one instrument to create value in relationship. And if it can create value, it can also be a way to avoid. Remember duality? And yes, we are evaluated in any interaction in any space we are in. So be purposeful and mindful of our intention and actions. It creates ripples.

Multiple Intelligence dan terjemahannya

Howard Gardner theorizes that every human being has a combination of intelligence. These are called multiple intelligence and he gives us 8 major ones; Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Nature, Music, Spatial-Logic, Visual and Body/Kinesthetic.

Bakat is a by product of intelligence. Tapi dari segi terjemahan akan ada kekaburan. I feel the translation for intelligence that Howard Gardner is referring to is not kepandaian or bakat tetapi ia lebih kepada kecerdikan. Ini kerana bagi saya, kepandaian terhasil daripadaa pelajaran, kebijaksanaan hasil daripada pengalaman manakala bakat merupakan hasil daripada minat dan latihan. Kecerdikan pula menjurus kepada cara berfikir.