Chatting with RYU; of context, content & intention

ME: there are many a times the cyber world tricks us in thinking that it is different than the physical world… This is true, however that is just content; contextually it transcend both world.

RYU: …. what i do in facebook represent me in real life?

ME: ur FB is part of your life. That is the breakdown many ppl fail to realise. Cyberspace is not al alternate universe; it is the same universe, another part of your universe. It is not a place to escape. There is no escaping life. How can we escape life when we are in it. This notion that we can escape life opens up a chicken exit to not be true to who we are.

RYU: i see , so fb could one of the reason where people start to evaluating me?
hehe , i always think that FB is one of ways to create value in relationship.

ME: True. It is one instrument to create value in relationship. And if it can create value, it can also be a way to avoid. Remember duality? And yes, we are evaluated in any interaction in any space we are in. So be purposeful and mindful of our intention and actions. It creates ripples.

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