Contribution in Receiving (inspired by Mariam El Bacha)

Reaction: “OMG. I am so inspired. Thank you so much for that. You have really made a difference!”

Respond A: “Ah no worries. Small matter” or

Respond B: “No. No. No I didn’t do much.” or

Respond C: “That thing? It’s ok. It is something I do so often; almost effortless.”

Have you ever experienced something like the above or something similar in context? What really motive us to respond in such a way? Humbleness? Uneasy with compliments or the limelight? Awkwardness? Shyness?

Regardless, these responses might seem harmless and in our mind could even be warranted. However, every respond there is a message that we might be unaware of.

Maybe within our intention to be humble inevitably we have denied two things thus making us somewhat a taker as oppose to a giver. From someone, that is in gratitude to someone is ungrateful.

The first act of denying that we inevitably done is to take away the inalienable right of someone to appreciate someone else; at worst or at best, reduced the magnitude and importance of act itself. It is as if what the giver feels is misleading, less important or even outright wrong!

The second act of denying that we inevitably done is to deny the self all the effort, time, learning that we have gone true to reach to a place where what we do is of significance to others.

One might argue that it is of no consequence because what we did was so simple, so easy, so often done (spelled mastery) and not worth much. Maybe to you but transparent to the giver of praise! In fact in this thought we are showing arrogance by not honoring the work, attention and teaching of those that were involved in us achieving our mastery.

Therefore, in allowing us to receive praise from others for our mastery (whatever it is) is actually an act of contribution to the person that is praising and also an honor on behalf of all the teachers, mentors, gurus, and sifus that have been in contribution to who were are at the moment of the praise.

Be in gratitude for the praise of your mastery for it is not for you but for others!

ps: Thank you Mariam El Bacha for reminding me of such an important life context.