Wrestling Match Between My Feminine vs Masculine Sides

Miss A: i know why your rship all drama oredi!!
Me: y?
Miss A: with all the drama you will be more of a man!! without drama you are tat mr nice guy
Me: lol!!
Miss A: so you attract all the dramatic women. hehehehehehehehe. with all the drama, it proves that you are man enuf to handle it.
Me: so u mean I am less of a man without the drama?
Miss A: ya.. u are mr nice guy.. wise, intelligent. hahaha
Me: hmmm sub-conciously that is a possibility
Miss A: tats what i came up with the sub-consious
Me: so with the dramas I get to flex my no so nice guy muscle; my masculine side
Miss : ah yes!!
Me: so I am compensating my feminine side that is dominant in my nerdiness

hmmm this is something to consider and ponder because I feel there is truth in it 🙂
Miss A: 🙂