Coming from I don’t know and being authentic about it

Many a times we apologize for not knowing. Why must we? Instead of being morose about it, shouldn’t we be in a celebratory mood and rejoice that we don’t know.

When posed with a question or a situation where we have no answer to it, the first mode is for us to dig deep to find out if we know or not. This endevour is a phase of introspecting and connecting to many learning and experiences. That itself is a rare occasion that is meaningful for us to freshen up our own learning.

There is no ‘real’ thinking involved in knowing the answers. It is just a mere act of regurgitating

As we realise we don’t know, questions start popping out. This question allows you to open the gates to learning and also is an opportunity for others to learn by teaching you and at the same time an opportunity for others to be in a contribution… Isn’t that wonderful?

Now, are we going to apologize for not knowing what what comes out of all that is just pure value? No. We should say, Thank you I don’t know, not Sorry, I don’t know 🙂

Of hand phones & girlfriends

A few mornings ago, Haqqiy (by youngest boy who is 12 years old) declared that we wants a handphone. This is a surprise to me since he is not one to be bothered by having a hand phone even though kids his age (and all around him) already owns one. He is more interested in a smart-phone because of its capability to play video games (which accidentally is his passion). To this end, he made a request for me to hand down my iPhone to him as a birthday present this year (Yes, I know; thrift. I am a lucky father. lol). So hearing this request of his was indeed a surprise for me.

As a coach and being curious naturally I asked him why this sudden desire to own a hand phone?

He, then, nonchalantly, revealed that he has a girlfriend and he would like to chat with his girlfriend. I was amused at this. Putting all judgements aside, this is as practical a reason as any. Now it makes sense.

This is not the A-Ha moment of this whole episode.

What was A-Ha for me was the response of my friend when I related this to him. His response was how open my son was in telling me this piece of information.

I thought about it and it made me realize that what I took for granted is a huge wow for someone.

In retrospect, I guess I have always maintained an open and honest relationship with my boys such that this episode is a mere harvest of that seeding.

I as a parent have never been sure of my parenting, but it is times like this that give me indications that I must have done something right somewhere along the line. Alhamdullilah.

In that sense, I have done quite ok as a parent; I think. < 🙂 + a pat on my shoulder >