kemjuara is a camp for kids between the ages of 10 to 17.

There are three different camps corres[onding to three different age groups.

The first kemjuara (basic) is for kids ages 10 – 12, the second (intermediate) for 13 – 15 and the third (advance) for 16 – 17.

It is a 2 days training held mostly during the school holidays.

Participants are taught how to learn effectively using the numerous Innovation & Creativity Tools available.

In addition, integral to this camp is attitudinal work; where kids will experience first hand how their attitude determines who they are as a student, child and member of society. They will experience the different attitudes that they can choose from and the consequences of each choice.

Learning through play is the basis of this camp thus making learning fun and memorable. This experiential approach will ensure long lasting embedment of learning via muscle and emotional memory, not only cognitive learning. The learning process becomes a whole being (body, mind and soul) process unlike school. The ownership of learning becomes their and no one elses. This will maintain learning motivation because it comes from within.

Kids will be exposed to various Innovation & Creativity tools that they can implement in their life especially at school. Learning becomes fun and no more a chore.

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