Of creation and the past

The only thing we can do about a ‘bad’ past is to choose a new relationship with it. Having the same relationship with our past, HERE & NOW, is as good as being in the past with all its baggage. Since our future is determined by what we do in the present, being in the past, presently, will produce the same result as in the past & current present which means being stuck in the same loop; producing the same result; being stuck in the loop.

Therefore, the only way to create something new is to let go of the past and break the loop of our past-present.

Of first and all… my rambling of being Malaysian-Malay-Muslim (none being first)

We can never discount our historical discourse. Malaysia is the newest of all our distinction and doesn’t mean just bcos it is the newest it is the best. Neither is the 1st being the best. It is just is. Denying our historical discourse is denying what makes us up. So in that manner, there is no emphasis. Emphasis gives the connotation that one is more important the other and should be focused on. Why stop as a citizen of this country? What about citizen of this region? Citizen of this continent? Citizen of this world? See what I mean by simplistically seeing it as definitive?

Therefore for me there is no emphasis. Neither is there first. I am all. Having emphasis give us the luxury of being biased. How you define yourself is a choice and that choice comes with its package. 

I for one am all that I am… neither 1st nor last.

In times of chaos and uncertainty…

… we should never lose sight of what is important; our vision and the many blessings that the episode brought. On in this manner will we not be brought to a stand still; regress into self pity, depression and those that stops us dead on our tracts.

Isn’t this a time for soul searching and continuing on. Our life journey is ours. It is self authored. This is the time for us to renew our vigor, replenish our fuel and plan ahead to a better tomorrow.

I for one am not going to be brought down by mere interruptions. I refuse to bow down.

Of rain and small blessings

Riding to work today after the rain has made me realised that everyone has been promised something in this world and what a blessing it is. I have never experienced freshness as I have this morning. Yes., during the rain riding in a car is an advantage however after the rain stops, riding a bicyle is an experience someone in a car will never have 🙂

In life, I realised I tend to only focus on what’s big for me; the car that I bought, the office that I have, the house that I stay in. This is understandable because we work hard for these things and of course it occupies a big chunk of our consciousness and reality. It echoes the analogy of us seeing and thinking and admiring planets, stars, comets & constellations in outer space; the big shine stuffs. However, just as the black matters occupy outer space, there are more small blessings that occupies our space.

There are so much more to be grateful about; if only I am willing to see those numerous, multitude of small blessing in between the big ones… if only I am deliberately willing.

Now for a breakfast of fruits and fresh coconut water; small blessings. Alhamdullilah for small blessing.