Of first and all… my rambling of being Malaysian-Malay-Muslim (none being first)

We can never discount our historical discourse. Malaysia is the newest of all our distinction and doesn’t mean just bcos it is the newest it is the best. Neither is the 1st being the best. It is just is. Denying our historical discourse is denying what makes us up. So in that manner, there is no emphasis. Emphasis gives the connotation that one is more important the other and should be focused on. Why stop as a citizen of this country? What about citizen of this region? Citizen of this continent? Citizen of this world? See what I mean by simplistically seeing it as definitive?

Therefore for me there is no emphasis. Neither is there first. I am all. Having emphasis give us the luxury of being biased. How you define yourself is a choice and that choice comes with its package. 

I for one am all that I am… neither 1st nor last.

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