Of rain and small blessings

Riding to work today after the rain has made me realised that everyone has been promised something in this world and what a blessing it is. I have never experienced freshness as I have this morning. Yes., during the rain riding in a car is an advantage however after the rain stops, riding a bicyle is an experience someone in a car will never have 🙂

In life, I realised I tend to only focus on what’s big for me; the car that I bought, the office that I have, the house that I stay in. This is understandable because we work hard for these things and of course it occupies a big chunk of our consciousness and reality. It echoes the analogy of us seeing and thinking and admiring planets, stars, comets & constellations in outer space; the big shine stuffs. However, just as the black matters occupy outer space, there are more small blessings that occupies our space.

There are so much more to be grateful about; if only I am willing to see those numerous, multitude of small blessing in between the big ones… if only I am deliberately willing.

Now for a breakfast of fruits and fresh coconut water; small blessings. Alhamdullilah for small blessing.

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