Of hand phones & girlfriends

A few mornings ago, Haqqiy (by youngest boy who is 12 years old) declared that we wants a handphone. This is a surprise to me since he is not one to be bothered by having a hand phone even though kids his age (and all around him) already owns one. He is more interested in a smart-phone because of its capability to play video games (which accidentally is his passion). To this end, he made a request for me to hand down my iPhone to him as a birthday present this year (Yes, I know; thrift. I am a lucky father. lol). So hearing this request of his was indeed a surprise for me.

As a coach and being curious naturally I asked him why this sudden desire to own a hand phone?

He, then, nonchalantly, revealed that he has a girlfriend and he would like to chat with his girlfriend. I was amused at this. Putting all judgements aside, this is as practical a reason as any. Now it makes sense.

This is not the A-Ha moment of this whole episode.

What was A-Ha for me was the response of my friend when I related this to him. His response was how open my son was in telling me this piece of information.

I thought about it and it made me realize that what I took for granted is a huge wow for someone.

In retrospect, I guess I have always maintained an open and honest relationship with my boys such that this episode is a mere harvest of that seeding.

I as a parent have never been sure of my parenting, but it is times like this that give me indications that I must have done something right somewhere along the line. Alhamdullilah.

In that sense, I have done quite ok as a parent; I think. < 🙂 + a pat on my shoulder >

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