“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

I came across the quotation this morning and I reposted it. Immediately, I had two people liking and commenting on it. Both agreed to it and thought it was brilliant. This surprises me for I think it is just another ‘normal’ quote.

As I look at it again, I then realized that “Yes. That is simple and true.”

Simple things are what makes the most impact because of the ‘A Ha’ factor being so strong. Something simple yet tasty or impactful amazes us all because deep down inside we might be kicking ourself saying “How come I didn’t think of that?”

With this train of thought, another quote comes to mind by Einstein ‘Make things as simple as possible not simpler”. This quote has many different interpretation. My personal interpretation is that when you make things simpler, you will compromise certain things while making it simple will require you to dig deep into your creativity.

With that, I am resolute to make my life simple.

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