New Year’s Day – A day to reflect & a day to plan

Hello 2013, bye 2012. Today and for quite sometime in a couple of weeks people will still be adjusting to these number; 2013. Cheques will be cancelled because the date on it is still be written 2012, our memo, the to do list dates etc will still be errors on them. All this is due to the fact that 2012 is a habit for us.

That is how easy it is to condition our mind. Keep doing something repeatedly and enough times, it will be a habit. As the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect, be careful of what you practice!’ If we practice effective things, we will be effective. The other way is also true.

In ushering the new year, what is our habit around this important moment? Do we just reflect on what has been or do we vision what can be?

I like to do both; one after the other. I first reflect so that I know what have happened and where I am and then plan what can be based on lessons that I have learnt. I then ask myself what I want and add that too to my plan.

In short, reflect, aware, learn, decide, plan.

Now that the plan has been laid out, I now need to add action and constant results check and intervention along the way.

I am so looking forward to achieving more in 2013!

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