Love to keep or Love to utilize; One is of possession, one is of ownership.

For the longest time, I have loved and collected notebooks. This must have stem from the fact that my first career was publishing and the love of all things paper and bind is natural. Over time, I have in my collection many beautiful specimens.

Recently, as i have done from time to time, I spring cleaned my bookshelves. Something dawned on me while I was admiring and rearranging my notebook collection. This revelation came due to the fact that this spring cleaning came at the time of a new year when resolutions are naturally made and one of my new year resolution is to journal daily.

It dawned on me that what I was doing; collecting and keeping these notebooks, is actually a waste of time!

Yes. On one hand I have this beautiful collection but on the other hand, what is the use? How does this collection sitting in this room of mine enriches me; making me a better person?

I love them so much that I keep them, admire them and safeguard them but to what avail?

Shouldn’t something I love, nurture and nourish me such that I grow personally and become a better person?

I now believe that if I need to utilize what I love, allow it to nourish me, grow me. Be with it as often as I can and not just display it for my ego and self gratification.

The true sign of love is not of possession but of ownership; not of hoarding but of giving; not of reticence but of openness. Building defenses around the object of your love only stifles it. Allow it to breath and grow along with you.

Yes! From now on, my journals will see the light of day. Will be with me. I shall write in it, play with it, have fun with it and share a journey with it until it is all worn out; like I would one day, and retire it with all its richness and experience… a life worth living even for a journal!

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