The Simplicity Series: Simplicity #4 – Be Deliberate

Automatic vs manual? Of course many will choose automatic for it makes life easy, manageable and less time consuming. As all things in duality, there are prices we pay.

Manual or being deliberate allows us to savor, experience and sense many a things that in an auto mode is transparent (we see thru it = invisible) to us; leaving us with little to be thankful & in gratitude for.

So the big question is, which one? I say both and be deliberate in both!

So that means be deliberate? Yes, be deliberate in being automatic and be deliberate in being deliberate. Confusing or even easier said than done? Yes 🙂 As all things in life, sorting and working it out; deliberately (pun intended) is where the learning is.

Today being Saturday will be a perfection a day as any for me to test it in my work and leisure for today I live in both ‘worlds’ equally.

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