Human Superpowers

As moviegoers, many of us are fascinated by movies about superpowers; be it in the genre of cartoons, scifi, fantasy etc. Even as kids, we are conditioned as such. We sit up and listen intently to fables of human superpowers in the land of myth and legends. The world of mystic also holds the same fascination with many tales of charms that has the ability to make its wearer stronger, invincible and what not.

Maybe in this hurricane of stories we have forgotten to see and appreciate the innate human ‘superpowers’ that is totally assessable to us at every second if we choose to.

I am talking about the innate human ‘superpower’ of compassion, empathy, love, sincerity, contribution etc that grows and empowers humanity.

Maybe in our search and fascination for ‘external superpowers’ we have forgotten to utilize our own innate human powers which are super enough. Power within us that can create extraordinary results.

Many real life examples of this exist; be it small or huge. Yet the fact remains our innate human power is super enough.

Check out Narayanan Krishnan that makes it his life quest to feed and care for the old, poor and mentally destitute in Madhuri, India. Check him out on the internet and you will understand how innate human power is all the superpower a human being can ever need. It is within all of us. Tap it, choose it and start creating extraordinary results from it.

* Inspired after watching the TV Series Alpha

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