The Dark Side of Routine

Since the start of 2013, I’ve been keeping a routine of journaling every morning. Actually the resolution is to journal everyday. It is just that I find the mornings to be the best time for me to journal since my journal is not just about what has happened but more for affirmation and visioning work for the day. It is also a routine that allows me to sharpen my creativity by journaling in all form such as sketching, typo-ing, rhyming etc.

And this morning, I had a rude awakening. I was looking for my journal to do my routine when I realized that I have left it in my room 30 minutes away from the training venue. What surprised my was that I had a pang of anxiousness while I was searching for it in the training room.

It dawned on my that this routine is only 52 days old and I am already attached to it; subconsciously! I can only imagine what it would do in 5 months time. I started to think that compassion is indeed a very powerful way of being when dealing with personal growth because people can be so attached to many thing in a relatively short span of time, what more habits and routines done year in and year out.

This got me thinking and deciding to not be a slave to my routines. 

I shall faithfully journal daily for it is good for me. I am pretty sure it will be a routine and habit for me before long. Yes, will develop and have this routine yet the routine will never have me 🙂

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