Different Levels

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in this trip of mine is the downside of not wanting to be prejudice.

I don’t want to presume that there are people who are less capable than me for example the rate of learning absorption. This to some extent is because that will make me a ‘bigot’ or prejudice. I am content with this view until now.

In reality, there are levels. That is a fact. There are people who are not as fast or as strong or as big. Therefore, treating everyone equal in everything has its good and bad. There need to be a fine balance and a clear context in equality.

Me treating a slow learner because I don’t want to prejudice him, is somewhat prejudicing him. He needs a very different development program and path. If I treat him as a fast learner, I will do an injustice to him.

All this makes me appreciate even more the saying that goes “Too much of a good thing is bad”.

From now on, I shall be in moderation and respond to changes and situation as and when at at its true value which is determined my many factors including those that are determined by me alone.

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