Who says nervousness is useless?

I always get butterflies in my tummy at the beginning of the first day of any training. I use to fight it and try to suppress it saying to myself that I shouldn’t feel this way and wonder when will I ever overcome this.

Over time I have realized that these butterflies will never go away. What I need to do is get them to fly in a formation rather then haphazardly.

I have also come to terms that I will never be cured of this condition. This realization is now coupled with the perspective that I will not want it to ever go away because I realized that if I ever not get nervous, it will mean that the training doesn’t mean that much to me!

So, my nervousness comes from a good place. It comes from the place of care. Care for my craft, care for my participants, care for doing my best, care for learning and care for making a difference.

Are there other ineffective care in the mix? Of course! However, I shall not give energy to those. I choose to give energy and nurture those care that will serve me.

Nervousness is thrust upon you and it is up to us to choose our response.

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