Funny yet profound.

I love funny yet profound quotations & sayings.

This morning on the way to the centre, my participant who is also a dear friend (ManPazin) made a comment in inspiration from another dear friend (Roy/Ryu). He said “Berlari setempat lebih mulia daripada lari dari masalah” πŸ™‚ (loosely translated to be: it is better to run on the spot than trying to run away from a problem)

This was in response to Roy’s comment that he can’t jog outside because of the weather therefore interrupting his daily jogging schedule as part of his lose weight problem. I then coached him on this statement which puts Roy in hot soup (putting Roy in a problem to answer my questions). Β It is in this context that ManPazin made that statement. πŸ™‚

We all laughed at this and everyone had a light moment but with deep & profound learning; best kind of learning for me.

I am blessed having such witty & insightful friends.

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