The Pause Button

I love the fact that in any of the players available, be it a DVD player or an MP3 there is a pause button. It allows us to gather our thoughts, reflect, take notes, go and get a snack, handle some stuff, answer a call etc.

Life is also like a player. It has a pause button that we seldom use. We are so busy doing and doing, achieving and achieving, solving and solving, adjusting and adjusting that we forget to push  our pause button.

However, life also has an automatic pause button. If we fail to use our pause button manually, it will from time to time pause it for you because life cares enough to pause you for a bit to smell the roses, to take stock of our situation or simple to take a break to replenish our energy. It can come in the form of an illness, a crisis, a public holiday or even a death.

The choice is ours. The more we use our pause button, the less the auto fail safe pause ability is activated in life.

I say use our pause button. I am today 🙂

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