I have a dream vs I have a plan

Which statement do you think will enroll more people and why?

I say the first one because people don’t by what you are planning to do or even what you have. People are enrolled by your mission, your cause, your purpose.

If this is so, why than marketeers shove onto our faces what they have to sell versus informing us of they purpose so that we can share and advocate their beliefs. You might think I am being utopian especially in this capitalist world.

I can only say that I feel this view point is gathering momentum especially in this age of globalization where there is an equal opportunity for almost anyone to get their hands on what ever information they want and technology has almost obliterate the gap between products.

Consumer are now looking for that extra edge in deciding what to buy. They now look into the philosophy and cause of the makers for products and services; they are looking for a cause and purpose to be part of.

On to this bandwagon I shall jump because it has always been in my behavior to share what I find important. I am just glad that there are more ears to hear.

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