The Question of Motivation

Where is my motivation? 😦

As a trainer and a coach, one of the most common question I hear is “How do I motivate myself?” A lot also will make statements such as “I am not motivated”, ” I have lost motivation”, “I need motivation” or “I must look for my motivation”.

I am sorry to burst your bubble but motivation is not something you have that you can look for. It is not a singular thing to have. Motivation is a by-product not a product itself. It doesn’t come “alone”. It has to accompany something else.

One other thing about motivation is that you can’t give or bestow or provide motivation to anyone. It automatically comes from inside the person himself when the right condition is met.

So rather than focusing on finding motivation, let it find you when you have what I call the Parent of Motivation called MEANING. Look for meaning and motivation will come.

So how do I look for meaning? Fortunately, this is something that can be found or discovered. Stay tuned. This is for another article 😉

For now, I shall leave with the perspective that every moment in your life, you are motivated. There is no such thing as no motivation. We might not have motivation for a particular thing but we are always motivated. The question you need to ask is not “Why am I not motivated towards this?” but more importantly is “What I am motivated to right now that makes me unmotivated for this?” The later question will give you an insight to better create a solution.

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