The Simplicity Series: Simplicity #6 – There is always another side

Which side is which?

Stories are a very powerful way of communicating. They can evoke emotions and can change perception. It is the power of story to affect emotions that get us in trouble when we are not careful.

Under a master storyteller, when we read or hear a story that affects us at an emotional level and it seems to make sense, we automatically take a side and more often than not the intended side the storyteller wants you take. In this way, the storyteller has achieved his goal; which is his original intent in telling the story.

Once this is done, the story becomes a ‘fact’ in our psyche.

What we have forgotten is the inalienable truth is that there is at least another side of the story. This condition is not a variable. It is a constant. Even history has many sides depending from who’s lens you are viewing it.

Therefore, remember, as truth seekers, we need to always seek the other side to have a balance view of the story.

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