There is a time for everything…

This saying as well as John C. Maxwell law of leadership; The Law of Timing has always been something I struggle with. My struggle is with the notion of powerlessness of it all since time is something we can’t manage, what more control. This makes the saying and the law, however true, has an element of luck into it. This is where I have difficulty in accepting since luck has no place in my main context of personal empowerment which is CHOICE.

I have struggled with this because in my gut, I do believe that this concept is true; until today.

I just had a pleasant conversation with a friend covering many topics and one of them was about him planning to move out of his organization and is now in the midst of possessing his right mix of competencies in preparation of that move.

As we are engaging in this topic (this is what I love about lazy Sunday conversation) it got me thinking how sound his argument and plan was. He is someone I consider to be a balanced person in his views and thinking.

It than dawned on me of the above saying and law.

It is all about planning; a deliberate action on one’s part in order for the law of timing to work. It is not up to luck. There is also another ingredient needed for this law to work besides planning. This law will only work with courage and vision; courage to make the decision when it comes and a vision to path the way.

So for me, the law of timing doesn’t stand on its own. It needs vision, perseverance and courage.

Nelson Mandela was the example John C. Maxwell gave about the Law of Timing. How he was the one ultimately to lead South Africa from the darkness of apartheid and not Steve Biko and reading about Mandela’s struggle I can help but see all the three criteria.

I am all for timing… responsibly. 

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