Community of Practice

Recently, I did an exit conversation with a colleague of mine and he brought up something that has been transparent to me all this while. In our conversation we touch on his learning while he has been us. He mentioned something that got my mind on overdrive. It is a subject that I will be delving in deeper from now on.

He said that what astonishes him is that our business model utilizes a support system that is foreign to him in all his years in banking. He has never seen or privy our support system which is in essence is the Community of Practice that we have developed around us.

He realized that a support system is necessary in being an entrepreneur however the support system that he knows of are those that are quite conventional such as spouse & family where else a support system in the form of a Community of Practice is new to him.

Hearing him say that made be deliberately dwell into the truth of what he says.

Looking back at our journey so far; this past two years, affirms to me on this point that he is making. Indeed the growth and progress of our business is hinged on the interaction, support and collaboration of our Community of Practice. It has been a source of motivation, inspiration, referrals, learning resource, manpower, ideas and even financial support.

The next question that begs to be answered is how did we develop such a Community of Practice? This is an important question to be answered because in knowing the answer, the will lie a system that can be duplicated for the benefit of others.

And in this question is where I shall live for some time to come! [Excited!]

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