It has been taught to me that being obligated to someone is a bad thing. I truly believe in this  and have lived my life in a way that discount any form of personal obligation to others. This has lead me to always look at a win win in any situation I am in.

However, I now realize that this point-of-view, however true can lead to some confusion on the practitioner observing it. This confusion comes from the fact that an offer or favor or an agreement will most certainly come from a person and if not stated clearly can be construed as something that carries with it a personal obligation.

Therefore, the onus is one the one offering to deliberately set the context of a non personal obligation and also the receiver to clarify the obligation that comes with an offer or an agreement.

As the case was yesterday, an offer by an individual carries with it an obligation to a cause and not the individual making the receiver feeling uncertain and uneasy. Once the clarity of the context is achieved, the receiver whole heartedly accepted the offer because being obligated to a cause bring with it a sense of liberation and lightness while being obligated to an individual carries with it a sense of dread and heaviness.

I choose to be obligated… to a cause!

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