Have fun with mistakes/errors

The fear of making a mistake or an error (which ever term you find more empowering) was instill and cultivated when we were very young and was reenforced for many years through out our student life. This has lead to an overdose to the point that it has been engrained and imprinted into our psyche. This has resulted to some good news: great followers and implementors that doesn’t rock the boat. However, there are prices we are paying such as lack of creativity and leadership.

As a social engineering tool is has been effective for the reason stated above. However, it has not been administered in a healthy dose leaving our workforce dry, uncreative and there is a dearth of leaders.

We were taught that mistakes makes us inferior or imperfect. Perfection is 100%. If we make only one mistake that makes our mark 99%, we have failed! So who wants to be imperfection? So we strive harder to be perfect with our focus and intention at the ever elusive perfection. This for me is where the breakdown is. Knowing that there can never be perfection we kill ourself in trying to achieve it; along the way anxiety, anxiousness, frustration and down right giving up happens. Some of us eventually stop all together.

Maybe  paradigm shift is needed on how we see mistakes/errors. There are a couple of ways to see it.

1. It is not about striving to be right but to be well; to do right vs to do it well.

2. Mistakes are learning opportunity for us to better ourself.

3. Mistakes can be fun when it happens.

4. Mistakes is an opportunity to be creative

5. Mistakes are indications of progress

6. Mistakes is the path to perfection.

May I continue to see mistakes in me and in others

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