The Gift/Reward is there; if only we look for it

My last dinner in Langkawi is indeed God’s gift. It was a reward for the effort we have put in as a training team. We had one of the most delicious simple dinner ever.

After dinner my mind wandered away and was trying to make sense of what just happened.

The place we had dinner was hardly 5 minutes away from our training hotel, 2 minutes away from the airport and we pass by it every morning to have our breakfast just a couple of door away. Last night being the last night of training all of us were tired yet wanted to unwind with a nice dinner. On instinct we decided to go to the area nearest to our airport to look for something to eat before our flight.

As we near the place, there was another brightly lit restaurant opposite this unassuming stall. We nearly went there but instead unanimously we all decided to go for this quint unassuming stall.

Upon aligning from the van, lo and behold laid out in from of us is a selection of fresh seafood, well cleaned waiting to be chosen to be cooked in gulai there and then; with a free flow selection of ulams on the side.

Everyone agreed at the end of the meal that it was the perfect capstone to or trip.

The dinner could have gone unnoticed and became just another dinner if we all have not been in appreciation. When we came from appreciation, a simple meal now becomes a gift; a reward.

Therefore, God’s gift or reward is there all around us. We just need to look for it with the eyes of gratitude.

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