If Change is Inevitable, What Than?

A Futile Exercise

“Change is the only constant” is a phrase that is quite commonly heard. This is indeed true. There has been and will always be enormous changes in our life. Since it is part and parcel of our life, it will be a futile exercise to avoid or even try to avoid change. The only effective way we can handle change is to manage ourself when change happens. Be the one to manage change instead of allowing change to manage us. If the later happens, we lose all control of determining our outcome. We will be a victim of the consequences of change as oppose to being the one dictating the consequences of change on our life. We will become powerless if we allow change to dictate us. We need to respond to changes and avoid reacting or avoiding change.

Three Components for Change to Take Place

If we decide to respond to change responsibly, how do we do this? Before that, let’s see the three main component that is important in order for change to take place. Understanding these factors will allow us to plan for the changes better.

The three components needed for change to take place are: The Mind, The Heart & The Path. The mind is needed to provide the logical reason why change is needed, the heart provides the emotional reason why change is needed while the path will give us the process and way towards change. All these three components need to be congruent to each other for change to take place. If even one of these component is not aligned, it will be hard for change to take place..

This trinity is akin to The Rider, The Elephant and The Path; The mind being the rider, the elephant being the heart while the the path being the path. In this trinity, the most powerful is the elephant. However string the rider is (logic), the elephant (emotion) will win even though the path to change is right in front of our eyes. This give us a clue on how to respond to change. We first need to be certain of our feelings and emotions about the change. If it i strong, we will be able to make the change happen. Just like the elephant, it will find a path or stomp a path once it decides too. Contrary to common believe, the logic as the Rider is not the most prevalent driver. However logical the change is, if the heart doesn’t want it, the elephant wins.

Regardless, the best solution to change is when all three components are congruent or aligned to change. This lesson now gives us the clue to respond to change.

When we respond to change, make sure we all for it emotionally and that we have analyzed the situation and have come up with a way to respond or handle the change.


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