Time and the state of being

Today is the 4th and last day of my part 2 Accelerated Learning Practitioner Certification. How time flies. This is something that is kind of weird because the fact that time is a constant, how come there are times that flies and time that crawls? Shouldn’t time just pass by at the same rate seeing that it moves constantly?

Well, this is where the state of being is not a constant and in fact is directly influences time. In this world of ours, it is not heavy magnetic fields (blackholes) that distorts time but it is a much simpler force called our ways of being that does this quite easily.

There are many state of being that does this. They fall into two main categories; that makes time faster and that slows down time.

When we are in the state of being that is purposeful, focus, inquisitive, committed, time flies. When we are in the state of confusion, stress, distracted, angry, time slows down.

Once again, when there are two, there are … choices.

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