The best in the world vs The best for the world

I have always been drowned with the motivating notion of being the best in the school, district, country and world. This tenet was the gospel truth and no disputing it and I have operated as such in every endeavor that I do.

However, recently I was introduced to one that is almost contradictory to this by a man called Dewitt Jones (pun: Do It) in his video entitled “Celebrate What Is Right In The World”. He is a photographer for the National Geographic and his self awareness and revelation came from his many assignments for the National Geographic.

In this video he shares with the audience his discovery through meeting various people in his journey why is it important to be the best FOR the world.

When I saw this, it dawned on me that wanting to be the best IN the world has a lot to do it my ego where else being the best FOR the world is all about contribution and community. It is selfless!

Yes. I might be the best IN the world but am I the best FOR the world? I might not be.

Then there is the fact that in being the being IN the world only allows one in that space. However, there can be many in the being the best FOR the world.

Furthermore, coming from being the best FOR the world empowers everyone to continue being and striving for the greater good and not giving up. It is a vocation not an destination! It is a journey, a role, a function, a habit, a way of life, a life style. I can give all my best and be the best FOR the world without having to be the best IN the world. It is a communal effort not a solo effort coming from abundance not scarcity.

So from now on I shall be FOR and not IN.

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