I am not good at…

“I am not good at ….” All of us can easily continue this sentence effortlessly and in fact can rattle of a list of this statement for a multitude of things. Let’s examine this for a bit.

Is this statement true? Well, to some extend; depending on the situation, this can be somewhat true. However, for most of the time this is untrue! At best, it is said in despair or hopelessness and the saddest part of it all, this statement becomes a way to avoid or as an excuse to stop us from doing or being a certain way.

For those that choose to use this statement as a way to avoid or as an excuse, there is nothing that can be done because they have chosen so. However for those that says this statement in despair and hopelessness, be enlightened that this statement is only true if you have not learned and practice those things that you are saying you are not good at. If you have not, then it is just a believe… a limiting believe!

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