Sharing of another’s wisdom

I just read an inspiring and uplifting blog by a dear friend of mine; Al Jazzura and it dawned on me how important it is to share the wisdom & learning of another human being. This thought has brought up the publisher in me.

In publishing, copyright & intellectual property are two phrase that are almost synonymous with the word publish. In this world called publishing, the intellectual property of an individual is safeguarded zealously. It is the very essence of a publisher & an author’s raw material from which their commerce is made. In this instance, sharing is not something you do by default. And in this stands my conundrum.

On one hand there is the liberalization of knowledge and wisdom, while on the other is the commerce of it all. How do you reconcile both? This has been a fundamental struggle even to a publisher since their first intent is to educate.

The answer? Well, there is no answer. The debate still rages on and personally I do not think it will ever be resolved. And maybe in that is where the answer lies. 

As my ex has enlightened me year ago “Why the need for an answer? Will an answer changes what is already happening?”. So, maybe for the sake of knowledge and wisdom, this battle must rage on to keep it valuable and relevant for all time.

Making it all free might devalue it while paying all for it will make it inaccessible. This tussle now makes it perfect for us to appreciate knowledge and wisdom.

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