Aren’t I Lucky

This phrase you hear quite a bit. But really, are you lucky or is it something else?

I realized this today when I was doing the debriefing for our first ever event in our new centre; Neoone Centre for Accelerated Learning. We as a team will do a debrief to acknowledge and share our important learning from any event that we are involved in.

When it came to my turn, I shared about how when like minded people come together, magic happens, regardless whether we come from the same school or not.

As I was sharing this, it dawned on me what my AL mentor; Gail Heidenhain, said about luck a few days back on the way bringing her here from Singapore. I shared with her about how lucky we were to have so many supportive friends and biz partners that are putting in as much time and effort as we are getting the centre ready. She said; the the effect that it is not luck but investment that is paying back dividend due to our support and unconditional contribution to others combined with our commitment and believe that is shared by those around us.

This brought back to me my very first lesson from my very first marketing guru; Tom Peter that says “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

Both echoes that there is no such thing as luck in the world. It is about what you put in is what you will harvest. From now on, harvesting is a new term for me to use in my work.

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