The Tradeoffs in our life

There are many tradeoffs that we make in our life. This is becomes more and more pronounce as we grow into adulthood and miraculously reduced as we grow into mature-hood.

One of tradeoffs that I made years ago which on hindsight was one that could have been avoided is the tradeoff of money quantity-time quality. Is it worth it? If I had the wisdom of hindsight or I had stumbled upon it earlier experientially or visually (which what actually happened. Txs Razak & Intan), I would not have made that tradeoff! Then again, the wisdom I have right now could also have been due to all those hours stuck in a jam with nothing much to do but think and read, just so that I can make some extra money.

As they say, life has a funny way of making you wise and that particular tradeoff for sure is one of many corpus of moments that has made me wise. So seeing it that was, is it really such a bad tradeoff?

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