Blessings are Everywhere… if you look for it.

Yesterday was a fabulous journey for me. I should have guess that much since my day started by witnessing the biggest most beautiful rainbow in my life overhead the training venue.

It is amazing how I was blessed yesterday from sources previously I wasn’t even aware of.

The first blessing was the rainbow. It lit up my morning and subsequently my day.

Then the participants got me connected again to the fact that being a trainer is not only about creating value for others in front of the room but also equally important are those moments when I am in the midst of the participants probing, teasing, challenging, interacting, joking and listening. These small seemingly insignificant actions made huge impact to these individuals and in return made huge impact on the training and me.

My blessings continued with the visit of a friend that has been very supportive of my training journey. She was her normal reassuring self.

And than there were my associates who were exceptionally on fire as well as my partner and co-trainer.

That was only up to lunch. There were many more blessing through out the day up till I fell asleep tired and contented at 10.30pm; to a sound restful sleep.

Note to self: Juara, open your eyes and begin to see your blessings… they are everywhere.

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