The Simplicity Series: Simplicity #3 – My Currency is Time

My time is my currency – RM doesn’t stand for Ringgit Malaysia. For me it stands for Rezeki Masa. The funny thing about this currency of mine is that it will always be valuable, doesn’t appreciate or depreciates, recession proof and I have exactly what I need all the time at every moment. No interest, no riba. Just constant. I can’t save it. I need to spend it now or it will be spent for me. Maha Kaya, kesyukuran kepada mu. Amin.

Pintu Rezeki Terbuka Waktu Pagi

Pintu is a gateway, a start, an opening. So when it is said to be pintu, I think what it really means is that how we are in the morning will determine our rezeki for that day. If we enter the day with positiveness, rezeki will be positive. If we enter the day with negativity, our rezeki will be negative; either way it is still our rezeki.

I have had this conversation before with my eldest son Haikal. He use to wake up grumpy and I said to him, if you wake up smiling and happy, the day will turn out smiley and happy. Just like young kids; waking up full of energy and see how their day always is, full of play and happiness. My 2 cents worth this morning.