Is Luck really Luck? I think NOT!

Monday Musing: Over the years, neOOne has been described, from time to time, to be lucky; being at the right place at the right time, in the 11 years of our entrepreneurship journey. The word LUCK is a very interesting word for me and I have a POV of it.

My examination of the word LUCK started in my first year of university way back in 1987. Even though I took engineering (yeap. believe it or not), my interest was diverse. It was in this period that I got introduced to some of the management & leadership gurus such as Drucker, Carnegie, Maxwell, Covey, Kotler, Iacooca and Peters.

It was Tom Peters that got me thinking about the concept of LUCK. In one of his books, he wrote that the harder we work, the luckier we will get. This got me to examine it and throughout my life, I’ve constantly discovered other similar truths about LUCK be it in personal growth, philosophy, neuroscience, biographies etc.

In essence, there is no such thing as luck. It is just a concept that exists to make us feel good about missing out on opportunities that we were not prepared for. It is a remedy for our procrastination and an excuse to justify our lack of preparation, planning and execution.

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