The Opposite of a Victim

What is the opposite of a Victim being?

Since I started my journey in personal growth, one of the most intriguing concepts I have come across is the state of being called “Victim Mindset”; its characteristics, its damaging consequences and how to overcome it. When I first encountered it exactly 20 years ago, it made a significant impact in my life, so much so that it helped me get through the darkest period of my life. It was the one single personal growth ‘tool’ that I have utilised the most.

However much I am in love with this tool, there has always been an aspect of it that I have not been able to settle until now and that is “What do you call someone who has an opposite mindset of a victim?”

Throughout my journey in supporting others to appreciate and apply this wonderful valuable concept, I have come across and used various terms to describe the opposite state of a victim. Words such as responsible, empowered and driven. I have also encountered other words use to describe the opposite that I don’t fully embrace for specific reasons such as creative, active and forward.

Still, I feel all these words doesn’t truly embodies the true context of the opposite state of a victim. I struggled to find one, until recently. In this article, I offer you the word and why I feel it fits the context.

One of the biggest characteristic and consequence of a victim mindset, which is also my pet peeve, is the fact that a victim relinquish the power to determine his fate. This power is given to others, circumstances or even a set of conditions coming together. He doesn’t own his destiny anymore. He is like a boat in a middle of storm without a rudder, engine or sail. He is in a waiting mode. It reminds me of the Waiting Place in Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh, the places you’ll go”. A victim has no drive, no forward movement, passive, always complaining and doing nothing.

In this context, I am proposing that the opposite of a Victim Mindset is the Owner Mindset. Inherent in ownership is commitment and responsibility. This two drives action and moves us forward. In this mindset, we own up to what we have contributed into the game and not come from blame. An owner is fully aware of what he has done and what he wants and most importantly OWN it fully.

I also feel the word OWNER provides me with a positive mood. Somehow I find myself perk up, proud when I say the word to myself. Don’t you?

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