Choice is Energy and Energy is an Investment for Action

Our choices have a life of their own.

One of the joys in life for me is when I deliver any personal mastery topic and a new learning or realisation came up for me because of what the learners obtained for themselves.

Two weekends ago is one such occasion.

I was with a group of lady entrepreneurs that for the first time in their life, they were given an opportunity to stop-look-decide what kind of life do they want.

One of the topics we looked at during the Personal Mastery workshop was that of choice. For this topic, I got two new revelations about choice.

The first is that a choice is not solitary. The choice we make comes with it a network of other choices; each one connected to one another. Imagine a Hoberman Sphere (shown above). Before we make the choice, this network remains dormant; waiting to be awaken by a choice being made.

Once a choice is made, the network wakes up and a cascade of other choices are made. This means in the whole scope of things, this network is never at rest. It is constantly dynamic; evolving, changing, forming, un-forming , expanding, contracting etc. Basically it is always in action.

So, say for the sake of explanation, at the beginning of time, the choice network is inert. A choice is then made. This choice will then results in another choice being made in response to the initial activated choice. This ripple sometimes is compounded; it is never a linear process where one only effects another. Sometimes an activated choice results in multiple other choices being made. Therefore, it is very likely, a choice being made will expound into an avalanche of choices, a ripple that impacts far and wide.

Now, what does this realisation means?

One is that when you make a choice, you will also need to embrace all the consequences of that choice because there will be other choices made by others that will eventually effects you.

The second is choice is energy. It ripples and transfers the energy into actions taken by others due to the choice we make. Every choice is a transfer of energy since every choice we make sets in motion some form of action or inaction (which is actually an action).

Therefore, when we make a choice, we shouldn’t be surprised by the actions that follows. These actions can be desirable ones or undesirable ones but should not be a surprise since we know it can go ways that is unpredictable. The tragedy is when we pretend to be surprised by the actions taken by others due to our actions. Why should we be surprise when we know fully well, just like energy, it is transferred in ways that we can’t predict dues to the numerous variables we are not in control of.

In a nutshell, be graceful in responding to the ripple of choices that permeates due to our own choice. I find that I am more allowing and at peace with myself in facing the consequences of my choices.

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