An ending is truly a beginning

Lessons from a trip to Borobudur as reminders for 2019.

As I end my 2018, a few very powerful lessons presented itself to me as a beginning for 2019. How ironic it is as nostalgia sets in, euphoria comes with it too! That is the nature of duality; just like what I learnt today from a tour guide at Borobudur (by the name of Pak Agus) that the Añjali Mudrā (namaste) hand gesture symbolises two haves coming together – Mon & Sun, Day & Nite, Male & Female – besides the normal sign of respect. This is the first lesson/reminder for me as I embark into my 2019; to embrace the duality of things for both are one. One is not better than the other. One makes the other better.

The second lesson that will influence my 2019 is another lesson that was imparted by the same Pak Agus about the one of Buddha’s Mudras (hand gestures); the Vitarka. It is the hand gesture that evokes the energy of teaching and intellectual discussion or argument. It is made with the palm facing outward at chest level, with the tip of the thumb touching the tip of the index finer. The three fingers denotes the three steps to learning/teaching/understanding – 1st listen, then observe only than speak! How appropriate to what I have decided to do more of in 2019 – facilitating and coaching. So, the principles of coaching is not new at all. They are rooted centuries ago!

The third lesson that will accompany me into 2019 is the three platforms of Borobudor. The first is Karma. At this level, we gather knowledge. Here we learn about the knowledge of life such as good and evil, cause and effect, life and death, happiness and sadness etc. The second is Dharma. At this level, we reflect. This is the reflection stage. Reflecting on life; what we have done and what is being done. With reflection, wisdom is attained. The third and last level if Nirwana or enlightenment. Here is where we are introduced to the concept of Nothing & Everything; we as human being are truly nothing and at the same time we are everything there is! In 2019, I shall continue to seek knowledge and embark on learning journeys, constantly and deliberately practice reflection in my quest for enlightenment. I shall also design these phases into my training design.

The forth lesson that will affect my 2019 is this article itself! By writing and publishing this article, I have completed the last of my 2018 personal goals. It is a personal proof and reminder that new year resolutions to come true contrary to the many cynical POV that new year resolutions are hopeless and a waste of time.

What a day to end 2018… and begin my 2019.

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