Is values important in achieving a goal?

I say, values is not important in the process of achieving a goal.

Our values doesn’t determine whether we achieve our goal or not because it has no influence over our plan or our action; two pre-requisite for a goal to be achieved.

As i write this,  in my mind’s mind, I hear my little voice ask “But what about motivation or being motivated? Surely that is important and directly influence in our action towards a goal?  Isn’t motivation a value?” The answer is YES, motivation is a value I can bring into my action phase to get my goal. And it is in this that lies my argument that value is not important in achieving my goal because I can put in any value; be it positive or negative and i can still achieve my goal. There is no certain value that will get us there or not. Thus since we are always operating on value, means it is not important for us to consider what value we bring into the action phase because any value that I bring in will get me the goal. I could easily bring in hatred and still be equally motivated and will also get the the goal I want; case in point are war criminals of WW2.

It is in this very example that the true value of value in relation to achieving a goal is found. Value is not important in getting my goal since any value will do it. Someone can achieve his goals quite easily with +ve value or -ve value.

A goal is also a great motivator, such is the power of a goal. While a goal give motivation and direction, once the goal is met, it creates impact.

However, the value I bring in is extremely important in contributing to the impact of my goal! The impact produced by me achieving my goal is not in the goal itself but the values we hold along the way. It is the values that creates the greatest of impacts. As we hold a negative value on our way to achieving our goal, the impact we create as we reached our goal will also be negative. In some instance hugely negative. The opposite is true for a positive value.

In fact, more often than not, the impact we produce from us achieving our goal is an amplification of the value we embody along the journey.

Thus, value is of no significant importance in achieving a goal (since we can use any value to get it) but is hugely significant in the impact of the goal.

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