Soul Food

As the body needs nourishment, so does the soul. 

The food we consume daily can either be produced & prepared by us, produced by others prepared by us, produced by us, prepared by others or produced & prepared by others.

Some we buy, some are gifted to us and we also give it to others.

Some food are good for our body while some are not. There are those that are grown naturally, cultivated or engineered or made (artificially).

All these not only describes the food that we consume physically but also the nature of our soul food.

Some food are good at different stages of our lives while some are bad at different level of our growth. Guess what, so are soul food.

I see so much co-relation between this two categories of food.

The context of our conventional food applies directly to the context of our soul food.

So, as we watch our physical diet, why not watch and plan our soul diet 🙂

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