The end doesn’t justify the means…

We have come across this saying before “The end justifies means or The end doesn’t justify the means”; depending on which one serves you.

For me, personally I am for the later statement. The former statement opens up too many variables that can be used to justify ones actions and this is where the danger of corrupting context comes in.

I have been privy to this argument; me being at the receiving end of the justification. In my case, it was such a strong justification by the other party that it some what made theft an ok option. Granted on my part I am equally responsible by virtue of a loose agreement. This is where moral, value, ethics and integrity has a watchful eyes on us. However, sadly, watching eyes as these are taken for granted nowadays.

This topic was actually triggered by an photo of a motivator posing in front of his luxurious cars that is obviously well out of reach of maybe 80% of his audience. Posting it as a motivation is indeed a common thing. However, have we stop to wonder what subliminal message or context are we actually implanting and impregnating with such a mean? Does the end; motivating others, justifies us offering a context that is seen as the problem of this world we are in right now?

I stand in a place that will not justify my means just because of an end.

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