Doors are a funny thing

Is a door  a way out or a way in? What is our first mode when it comes to door? What mood do we hold a door? 

Yes, I know it is both. However, look deeper. What is your first reaction to doors? That could just be an insight on how we see any form of opening; an entry or an exit.

Opportunity in life is also like a door. Intellectually we know it is both an entry or an exit however what does our heart feels? What is our first reaction, intuition about it? That is what matters most. The split second response will determine we examine the opportunity in the light or mood of excitement or of caution.

Training ourself to develop a sense of balance is rather difficult; as in anything in the context of our believes. Nevertheless, just because we can’t attain it should not stop us from endeavoring towards it.

So for today, I shall continue my endeavor towards perfection even thought I know it can never be attained (or maybe that in itself is perfection!).

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