The Journey To Ithaca

This morning I read again this excellent poem. It reminded me again how important it is for me to live in the moment and enjoy the journey as oppose to being worked-up and agitated by the destination.

Saying all that, it doesn’t mean that the destination is not important. A destination is always important especially at the beginning of a journey. It sets and allows for planning and a path to embark on. The destination will also provide us with the milestones and forms of measurement to be used to evaluate the journey we are in. That is as far as destination is concerned.

Once it has done its role, itĀ is shelved for us to visit once every so often, to remind us of the importance of the journey we are in.

Having it all the time present in our mind can sometimes bring about anxiety to the point that we fail to enjoy the journey and miss out on learning along the way.

In simply form; have destination, plan, shelf and enjoy the trip!

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