The word effective & result: a conundrum

We hear and use these words often and associate them as positive words. This is due to the perspective that results are good; and so it effective. By the way, good also falls into this category.

However, the true meaning for these words are  quite neutral.

Effective just means producing an intended or expected result, while results means an outcome that is produce by action. Therefore, if we are trying to avoid something and we actually avoded it, then we actually have an effective result. If we are angry and people doesn’t come near us, we are actually are producing an effective result. So why do we say we are not being effective when we actually are?

Why are we playing with these so called confusion?

It lies in the heart of our ability to improve. If we see some of our outcome as results and so are not, we will forever have an option to ignore some that we don’t like with an excuse that it is not my result. If we see effective as only positive, we will once again have an option to hide behind another excuse that we didn’t intend to have out outcome!

Realizing that we are always effective because actions we take and our ways of being inevitably produces a predictable outcome and what ever the outcome is, is always a result we now can’t run away from being responsible… always for everything that happens in our life. This fact is what scares us because we still want to hide and avoid and procrastinate.

At the end of it all, it is stlll a choice.

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