Quotation – My Companion

I’ve always been fascinated by quotations all my life and I’ve wondered how and what makes a quotation get’s into the psyche of our daily life. I find it to the the greatest honour a man can ever have when his thoughts resonate through all sorts of barriers; be it physical, non physical, tangible or intangible. It is the ultimate wisdom passed down through generations and over time. A legacy left behind in it’s purest form of knowledge; pure, unapologetic, open to judgements, exist, real and highly personal.

This is my humble attempt in this endeavor:

1. Excellence is found in our search of perfection.

2. Knowing that we will never be perfect and yet choosing to embark on a journey towards perfection makes us noble.

3. The clarity of one’s status of ownership is critical. Misreading it and acting upon assumed position of ownership lead to suffering to all concerned.

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