The Simplicity Series: Simplicity #1 – Wanting What I Have

Simplicity #1: Wanting what I have vs having what I want

This was first offered to me by one of my coaches; either Deanne Prymek or Patricia Hirsh, I can’t remember. Both are equally enlightening that is why I can’t recall which one.

This first stumped me. I was struggling trying to make out what it meant. Allowing it to stew; being in the question, has finally opened up my learning.

I realized that in life, I tend to look forward and focus on what I want. I am consumed to having what I want. As a result, it has made my body disposition and mood one of resolution. I seek gratification outside of who I am. I feel hollow, empty; seeking to fill up my void.

Once I appreciated what I have; wanting what I have as oppose to overlooking what I have, I began to feel at peace. In fact a sense of abundance comes to me. I appreciated myself more, I feel I am capable and started to believe more of my own ability; thus confidence.

With this, I suddenly realize I wanted less things in my life. The things I need are now purer. I am able to distinguish and eliminate more of my wants that I’ve disguised as my needs.

I am blessed with so much already. It is just a question of wanting what I already have 🙂

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